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The resent Link Spam Statistics survey has proved that China and USA have a tarnished reputation of holding the outstanding positions in the list of spam distributors. It is easy to realize that the inspection hasn’t been done just to censure the US for spam distribution, European countries in total have higher percentage of unsolicited e-mail than the US do. The worldwide spam is perennially going up and in respect of 2006 it has rised by 9 percent. The leaders of junk e-mail catalogue barring USA and China are: South Korea with 6.5 percent unsolicited e-mail, then Poland with 4.8 percent, Germany with 4.2 percent, Brazil 4.1 percent, France 3.3 percent, Russia 3.1 percent, Turkey 2.9 percent, UK with 2.8 percent, Italy with 2.8 percent and India with 2.5 percent.

The top-ranked expert of Sophos declares that people don’t use computers properly sending round unsolicited e-mail. But the easiest way to overcome it is using CAPTCHA system and Anti Spam methods which can detect unsolicited e-mail. She has admitted that countries should work together to make an attempt to overcome unsolicited e-mail. Paul Ducking illuminated increasing the amount of junk e-mail distributors: “Junk e-mail includes lots of subjects from suggesting various services to promoting many sorts of produces.”. He notifies in advance that spammers are prepared to use technologies illegally from any location in order to send junk e-mail. “The map shows activity almost all over the world.” he notes, “Africa may not yet be very well-wired, but it’s no doubt wired enough to be useful to the spam distributors.”. Protectwebform fulfilled its own research in the realm of junk e-mail. Those conclusions differs from Sopho’s analysis, but they are very necessary to observe. The spam analysis was carried out in the next way: a lot of experimental e-mail boxes were created and then they analyzed quantity and origins of entered junk e-mail massages. Using reliable technologies experts defined senders IP-addresses, owing to that fact, they managed to precisely say which state the spam e-mail message had come from. Concerning states-unsolicited e-mail-providers, the leading position is taken by USA, having 38 percent of general quantity of spam messages. Next, having a huge lag, comes China with 5.3 percent, Ukraine with 4.7 percent and Russia with 3.8 percent. The European countries are: just Spain – 3.2 percent, Germany - 2.8 percent and Italy – 1.7 percent came upon the roll. Spam e-mail-messages circulation into subjects was completed in the following way. Derived unsolicited e-mail messages were classified by their topics to several groups so that later the catalogue of them could be compiled.

The first place is occupied by “Drug and Medications” topic with 24.7 percent, the second position - by “Finance” with 16.6 percent. Another popular subjects are “Phones & Ringtones” – 6.8 percent, “Adult” – 5.6 percent and “Gambling Institutions” – 4.2 percent.

By: Mathew Petrenko

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